Internship, Robogals and Code Plus

I have 2 months left of my second year and I can say that I have enjoyed this year, even if it has been quite busy and it has forced me to prioritize a few things.

I started this academic year after a great Summer and with an increased knowledge about digital literacies and my online presence. Being a digital skills assistant was a great opportunity for me to challenge my research and presentation skills. After looking into digital literacies a bit more, I used tools such as VideoScribe and PowToon to help me present the findings. You can see the outcome in my Pathbrite portofolio.

A new academic year also means a new year for Robogals: new volunteers, events and workshops. In my opinion, it has been an eventful and successful year for us. We had a strong presence at Bunfight in Freshers’ Week which resulted in new volunteers (some actually joined the committee this year) and we have managed to run 10 workshops since October. One of these was a workshop at the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival, during which we managed to introduce programming to more than 50 kids. Another important event for us was the AGM. We had to elect a new committee and I have decided to stay on the committee for another year, as a president this time, and I am really looking forward to it.

Being involved with Robogals showed me the fun side of teaching and, at the beginning of the year, I decided to join a similar project, Code Plus. At Code Plus, we run weekly workshops to encourage kids to learn programming by helping them complete coding puzzles using Code Kingdoms,, Scratch or Code Academy. As I really liked the project, I have also joined the committee as a session manager and I am now in charge of the bookings for each session.

This year, I have also decided to try archery. I discovered that I really enjoy it and it helps me relax and clear my mind. However, because this has been quite a busy year, I have decided to not continue with archery for now, but I will hopefully come back to it at some point.