IDM Creative Data Academy

I have come across data analysis during my degree and I was thinking about learning more about it, as it all seemed very interesting. However, I had no idea how interesting it can get before spending three amazing days in London at the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and taking part in their Creative Data Academy.

This course provided me an insight into how data analysis is used in marketing and why this is important when thinking about the whole marketing process. The three days were filled with talks and workshops from different companies, such as The Economist, RAPP, REaD Group, Direct Recruitment or Model Citizens, which helped me see the bigger picture, what jobs are available and what set of skills are needed when applying for a job in this area.

It also got my thinking about me as a customer. I value my privacy and most of the time I do not want to give away my data. However, I understand now how data can be used and I have become more open when providing certain information, if I trust the company.

This was also a great opportunity for me to meet new people with similar ideas and aspirations, people that I will hopefully meet again along my career path.

I believe that IDM Creative Data Academy was a ‘must’ for me in order to understand what I want to do after I graduate. Maybe I do not have a clear path or goal in mind, but I do know which areas to explore and what skills I should start developing.