A better version of digital me

This month I started to research digital literacies and I also thought about trying to improve mine. Can I say that I am a digital literate person? Do I know everything that I should? If I look at JISC’s 6 elements framework I do know a bit of everything but if I were to try and arrange them in order by how literate I actually am in that specific one I noticed that communication, collaboration and participation along with digital creation would come last.

At first I decided to start using Twitter and I realised how an amazing tool it is. I first came in contact with Twitter a few years back when I had actually no idea how to use it and, for me, it just looked like a very weird website. A few month back I decided to give it another chance as many people at my university were using it. The first thing I did was to try and see how they are using it and after viewing a few profiles I finally understood what makes Twitter so amazing. It’s the people you follow, the content you get and how easy it is to share, in just a few words, things that are worth sharing. It’s being interested in a subject and being able to filter the information you receive about it by following people that tweet what you want to read. And a few days back, Twitter just became even more amazing when I found out about lists: they are the easiest and nicest way of putting together tweets related to a specific subject so you can browse easier through them.

Pathbrite was next on my list. I love how easy it is to use and how you can put everything in one place. I have one portofolio where I keep the most interesting links related to my digital literacies research and another one to use as a training manager at Robogals. I can just share the link with the others committee members or with the volunteers if they want more details about the topic we discussed in the training session.

Last on my list it was a blog. I have been thinking about creating one for a few months now and I am happy that I finally did. I have a few ideas that I would like to share with the world and why not?

After all this, while looking into digital literacies I thought about searching if there are any MOOCs related to this. I have found Digital.Me: Managing your Digital Self from University of Derby on Canvas network. “progress from a tech savvy internet user into a digitally literate one, […] improve your ability to use technology for management of your life including learning, work, and more.” says the description and, in just the second week, I have found the course really useful for improving my online presence. I appreciate how, every week, the assignment is actually me sharing my knowledge or opinion about something with the rest of my coursemates. I don’t usually do this, I keep most of my ideas for myself or I share them with just a few people around me and I feel this course is getting me out of my confort zone and actually makes me do it. I have to do it in order to get a badge at the end of the week, which I think is a great thing to do. It makes me feel I have actually accomplished something and I have been rewarded for it. This week, the topic to talk about was social media in learning and I have found it very useful to read other comments. It’s amazing how many people use YouTube as an online learning tools and how different their reasons are.

I am looking forward to continuing the course and to keep improving my digital skills.